New Company Launch, Raising Finance via Investment

Business Guildford Street Capital is an exciting new company launch, with an aim of raising finance via investments. The objective of the company is to develop into a diversified holding company, with interests in: – oil and gas

  • coal
  • next generation clean energy
  • power plants
  • property
  • rare earth minerals
  • corporate finance The corporate finance arm – which ranges from the provision of finance to successful companies, all the way through to corporate restructuring and refinancing ailing businesses, helps to facilitate deal flow. More About Guildford Street Capital The various investments in the chosen sectors will be held predominantly through subsidiary and associated companies that are stock market listed, or where a market in the shares of each investment exists. This is to enhance and increase liquidity. The Board of the Company is currently Allan Biggar, Jeremy Chivers and Andrew Irvine and will be strengthened following each substantial investment or acquisition that the Company makes. Guildford Street Capital is seeking public and private equity situations. Investment strategies are not sector or geographically specific; the investment criteria is based on whether the cash increases shareholder value. Working with world class accountants, lawyers, and advisors, decisions are made quickly, with deals efficient and quickly executed each time. The aim of Guildford Street Capital is to seek a public listing for the Company or merger/acq. More News In Alabama, Guildford Street Capital are in discussions to acquire a mixed Biofuel plant, which combines biomass and coal to produce very low emission electricity. This would work to achieve an exit for shareholders. Future Plans Guildford street capital have both short, medium, and long term plans. They are as follows: Short – Medium Term Plans – Build a portfolio consisting of profitable cash generative investments meeting the outlined investment criteria.
  • Generate cash and increase out net assets.
  • Look for strategic fits when it comes to businesses, as well as restructuring opportunities.
  • Keep things simple.
  • Pay dividends regularly to shareholders.
  • Seek their own listing on a regulated market. Medium – Longer Term Plans – Look for opportunities to sell all or part of the portfolio to generate a cash return to shareholders.
  • Create long term wealth and income for shareholders.
  • Remain agile, opportunistic, and cash rich. Use the details below to contact Guildford Street Capital and find out more.

Guildford Street Capital Taking On New Projects With European Investors

Business Guildford Street Capital is excited to announce that they are launching their new advertising campaign in Europe, with the ability to soon be able to work with new investors in Germany. Taking on new projects and working with European investors and venture capitalists in Germany especially is something Guildford Street Capital are extremely excited about. More About Guildford Street Capital The main aim of Guildford Street Capital is to become a diversified holding company. The team have investments in oil and gas, coal, next-generation clean energy plants, real estate, rare earths and corporate finance, and hope to invest in both private and publicly traded companies to bring returns to shareholders.

The company is launching its first advertising campaign in Europe and will soon be available to talk to new investors in Germany about potential new projects. Guildford Street Capital ensure that their investment strategy is neither industry-specific nor geographically specific; rather their investment criteria are based on whether the investment is profitable and increases their own shareholder value. You can rely on Guildford Street Capital to make decisions quickly. They are agile in negotiating business, working with first-class accountants, lawyers and consultants, and are proud of the efficient and transparent handling of transactions they provide. Their goal is to achieve a stock market listing for the respective company or a merger/acquisition that would enable their shareholders to exit.

Future Plans For Guildford Street Capital As well as becoming a diversified holding company and launching the European site to do business with new venture capitalists and European investors, Guildford Street Capital future plans are as follows: Short/Medium Term – Build up a portfolio of profitable cash generating investments that meet the investment critieria.

  • Generate cash and increase net assets.
  • Pay attention to strategic adjustments for companies and restructuring opportunities.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Pay regular dividends to shareholders. Medium/Longterm – Looking for opportunities to sell all or part of their portfolio in order to generate a return for their shareholders.
  • To create long-term wealth and income for shareholders.
  • To stay agile, be open to investment opportunities and have high cash reserves. If you’re in Germany or Europe and looking to create more wealth with an established investment company who want to bring you big returns, use the information below. Contact:
    Allan Biggar

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